Thursday, July 20, 2006

Motivation to Blog

I must give credit to my hubby Seng Chor for motivating me to blog. Well...he didn't actually motivate me but I was surprised that he started blogging before me. I was really amazed after reading his blog yesterday. He could actually write quite well. So, I must keep up with him and start my own blog as well. Kenny gave me the final push to set it up yesterday.

I have a personal journal on my notebook and PDA as well. I used to buy diary/journal and write almost everyday. Now, I prefer to use the computer because for some reasons my handwriting has become more and more 'lousy'.

I learned about journalling from my mother. She writes everything - from the weather to the meals she cooks. I am very grateful that she helped me to journal during the birth of Jordan. She even wrote down what the confinement lady cooked for me. She's simply superb! I have introduced her to blogging. Maybe she will start one soon. :)


Ken said...

Hehe, you knowlah, as acedemics we are expected not only to write, but to keep writing.

If only blogging could be a thesis for LLD ... sigh


God bless you.

mimi 2 u said...

hmm...i wonder if my mum will be like your mum. :P infact, i hope to keep this blog till i'm old. haha. let's see if i can last...