Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tadika Grace Community – Vision and Mission Statement

One of my desires for Jordan is to build Bible-based character in him during his formative years. I've heard that King's Kids in SS Gospel has a strong curriculum in this area, and so I wanted to place Jordan there. He finally got in after months in the waiting list but because there was no day care in King's Kids, we had to look for alternative.

When we finally decided on Tadika Grace Community, I still wasn't sure whether that's the best place for Jordan, until now...

On the first day of school (5 January 2009), Seng Chor brought back a letter from Tadika Grace Community. It contained their vision statement, mission statement, rules and regulations. I got the confirmation when I read their vision statement. Yes, Jordan is in the right school. Praise the Lord!

Vision Statement
Tadika Grace Community is committed to provide resource in partnership with parents and church to educate our children on a Bible-based character building from 2 to 6 years old.

Mission Statement
  • To provide a Godly environment for the child to develop Christ – like character and relationship with God, parents, community and nation.

  • To provide educational resources, supervision, counselling and training for holistic development.

  • To provide resources and coaching in sports, aesthetics, camps and educational excursion for the physical well – being of the child.

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