Friday, January 16, 2009

Major Adjustments for Little Boy

It must be tough for him. So many adjustments for little Jordan in such a little time – arrival of Jemimah, schooling, taking van, sleeping in a different room and lesser play time with Mummy.

Jordan cried when he was left at the babysitter last Tuesday, 6 January 2009. It was the first time for him taking the van to the babysitter's place after school. He was okay in the van but when Seng Chor was about to leave him at the babysitter, he started to cry and say that he wanted to go home. Seng Chor called me to talk to him. It was pitiful to hear him feeling so sad. Tears kept flowing occasionally the whole afternoon that day.

When he came home that night, I managed to spend some time with him – playing Thomas the Tank Engine and watching the Thomas DVD. I made milk for him, and slept with him in the room for awhile.

He was okay the following days. He seemed to enjoy school very much at the moment. I would ask him to tell me what he did, what he learn, etc. It's fun to hear him talk about school and the activities he did. He would try to sing songs to me and scribble on his Doodle Pro. He loves to ask me draw for him – 3 little piggies, spider, shapes, fish. Nowadays, I have been spending time with him every night before he goes to bed with Seng Chor – drawing, watching VCD/DVD/TV, reading and playing. Once he reaches home, he would almost immediately come upstairs to see me. Sometimes, he would drag me downstairs to play with him.

I missed him when we had to leave him at the babysitter over the weekend because Seng Chor and my mother-in-law went back to Penang to attend Seng Chor's cousin's wedding. He spent 3 nights and 4 days at the babysitter (Friday to Monday).

Seng Chor fell sick when he came back from Penang – bad runny nose. So, on Monday (12 January 2009) night, I had to take Jordan to bed, and sleep with him. It was tough. I was heartbroken when he repeatedly said, “I don't want Mummy. I want giant Daddy”. Eventually, I said, okay and left the room. After awhile, he came into my room, climbed next to me, made pitiful sound to persuade me go back his room with him. He fell asleep quite late night – after 10 pm. Seng Chor slept in the living room that night.

My mother-in-law was in my room with Jem. So, she would come over to Jordan's room to call me to feed her. Jordan was also awaken during the feeding time at around 5 am. So, he didn't sleep after that. He must be tired in school that day. Poor boy! Seng Chor also passed on the runny nose to him. Thankfully, it was a mild one.

Almost every morning, I would help him to get ready for school – prepare milk, change him, bless him and give him a kiss before he leaves. What I can do now is to pray for him unceasingly to adjust well. My precious son is learning more and more each day.

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