Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Message by Louie Giglio (Passion)

Louie shared a very simple and yet profound message on Sunday night - just 3 statements:

  1. Christ has died.

  2. Christ is risen.

  3. Christ will come again.

The Christian faith is about one person - Jesus, and our relationship with Jesus.

Louie shared a beautiful testimony from a journal of a 22 year old girl, Ashley who has passed away. There were a lot of brokenness in her life but yet Jesus healed her, and her testimony became an impact to the whole world. The journal was not just about her but also about a Christian (aka Fruitcake) who has shared the Christian faith with her in such a gentle way. It was a sad ending. Ashley did not make it to her graduation. But she has left behind a great story, and she is with her Creator.

The coolest thing about Passion World Tour is that the previous city prayed and gave to the next city the Passion Team is touring. As we entered the convention centre, we exchanged our ticket with a wrist band. The wrist band states the next city and the date they are touring. Manila prayed for Kuala Lumpur, and Kuala Lumpur prayed for Jakarta and gave 55,000 Ringgit (over $15,000 US). It is a powerful thing indeed.

All glory to God!

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