Monday, December 03, 2007

Dr Cabokia 30+ Birthday Celebration

Sunday, 2 December 2007 was my 36th birthday. Yup, I am 3 dozens years old. Because I don’t look my age, I gladly tell others whenever they asked me. Most of the time, they got a shock. I even look younger than some of my students. Hehehe! Some think that I am still in my mid twenties. It feels wonderful indeed.

I love to have birthday that falls on a Sunday. Why? It’s great to be among the people that I love – my church members. Yesterday, I felt privileged when the Worship Team played and sang the birthday song for me as I entered the church. How sweet! I haven’t been wearing dress to church for a long time. Yesterday, I felt good and I wanted to look good. So, I wore a floral dress that I bought about a year ago. I was complimented and greeted by almost everyone. Even Uncle Chan – the oldest member of the church remembers my birthday. Actually, I share the same birthday as Charmaine – she’s such a sweet young lady. We greet each other every year. :)

For lunch, I had 2 roti canai with dahl in the church. I enjoyed it very much. After resting for awhile at home, Seng Chor, Jordan and I went to 1 Utama to do some shopping. Seng Chor bought 1 pair of working shoes from Jusco. I bought swimming gear from Arena – a blue float and a pink goggles. I also bought 2 VCDs for Jordan – Pocoyo and Thomas & Friends. He enjoyed watching Thomas & friends very much.

Seng Chor and I bought something special for each other – a pair of stainless steel ring. I was surprised by his initiative to buy the rings – his and her. The exchange of ring is like the renewal of our marriage vow. Hehehe!

As we shopped, we bumped onto Nai Kyn and Yoke Teen at Popular Bookshop. So, we went to Old Town White Coffee. I ordered my favorite ice blended coffee (Mocha flavour) and fire polo bun (also my favourite). It’s wonderful to eat my favorite food on my birthday. Jordan fell asleep immediately after drinking ¾ of the orange juice which I ordered for him.

We went home at 5:30 pm, and had to get ready for dinner at Sheraton Subang. Dinner reservation was at 7 pm. Jordan was still sleeping when we arrived at the hotel. We used vouchers to get a complimentary dinner and a celebration cake. It was supposed to be a 4-course Italian set dinner with soup, main course, dessert and tea/coffee. However, on arrival, the waiter told us that we could choose to take the buffet instead. Of course, we grabbed the buffet. More food, more fun! Jordan got to eat a bit of almost everything we ate – fish, kidney bean soup, sausage, papaya, rock melon. Actually, he spat out almost everything as well – ketupat, tomato, bread. What he ate most was the yam ice cream. He also enjoyed playing at the mini playground outside the restaurant.

After dinner, we walked around the hotel to look at the Christmas decorations. The Ginger Bread House was extremely cool. I took a lot of pictures of it. The miniatures are awesome.

We took the complimentary cheese cake home to celebrate with the family – Eva, Alex and Lu Kenn. Jordan enjoyed the cheese cake the most. He finished the small piece of cake that I gave to him and wanted more. He even licked his fingers at the end. I really enjoy looking at him eat.

What a blessed day! I thank God for all the wonderful blessings. Family, friends, and students, thank you all for the sms and email greetings. Thank you, Seng Chor for planning the dinner, and the birthday gift – a rugged wallet.

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