Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas 2007 at Home

For the past few years (4 or 5?), we have been having Christmas dinner and exchange gift at our home with the ex-BBC team and friends who are mostly single.

This year, we had it on Sunday, 23 December 2007.

The menu was simple:

Lu Kenn’s special pasta (white sauce) – Best Seller
2 Large Pizzas from Dominoes
Potato salad by Yoke Kheng
Fondue by Aaron
Drinks – Shandy and Green Tea
Ice cream – Sweet corn and durian flavour from Bentong
Muruku by Sahaya

Turkey was very expensive this year, and so we didn’t get one. We wanted to get roast chicken but it was replaced with pizzas instead.

Dessert was really special this year – Fondue with strawberry, marshmallow, banana, and cheese biscuit. It’s the first time we had such an exotic dessert at home. Everyone including Jordan enjoyed it. The ice cream from Bentong was yummy too. I think Jordan was the only one who ate the Muruku. Hee! Hee! Hee! He loves it.

This is the first time we played Yahtzee together. The Yahtzee was a gift from Roy, Selvi and Reuel for my birthday. It’s an interesting game but rather long. We didn’t finish the game. Yoke Kheng was the only one who got a Yahtzee which is 5 of a kind. So, I shall declare her as the winner.

Gift Exchange
We had so many ideas on how we should exchange the gift this year, but none was adopted. Some like the idea of a treasure hunt in the shopping centre – hunting for our own Christmas gift. Hmm….but too much effort is required. One thing we all agreed is that, we should buy a purposeful gift for the person. So, in the end, Kenny drew lots for everyone because we couldn’t meet to draw together. We were then supposed to write clues for the person to guess the giver and the gift.

Here’s the list of the giver, receiver and gift (the giver is on the left):

Seng Chor – Christine (Sandals)
Christine – Kenny (Scripture Keeper)
Eva – Seng Chor (Soar Shaking Toy)
Alex – Aaron (Photo album)
Lu Kenn – Yoke Kheng (CD casing)
Yoke Kheng – Lu Kenn (T-Shirt)
Kenny – Eva (Body Shop gift pack)
Sahaya – Kevin (CD)
Kevin – Alex (HP Socks)
Aaron – Sahaya (Back Massager)

Hopefully, we can be more creative in our gift exchange next year.

I realized that we forgot to do something this year – taking a photo with our gift after opening them. Guess we were too excited trying to guess the giver. Ha! Ha! Ha!


Christmas 2007 Gifts

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