Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kenny's 31st Birthday

Lsat night, we celebrated Kenny's 31st Birthday at Swensen, SS2.

The people - Seng Chor, Christine, Jordan, Eva, Alex, Lu Kenn, Yoke Kheng, Kenny, Kevin, Sahaya, Yung Ling and Charis.

The food - Breaded chicken, fried mushroom, salmon pasta, chicken baked rice, fish baked rice, Hawaiian pizza, Banana apple crumble, walnut apple crumble, Earthquake

It was a fun outing for the Teohs - no catered food for the night. Hehehe!

Thank God that Jordan has recovered from fever and runny nose. He was really good at calling, "Uncle Sahaya". We are teaching him to call all the Uncles, Aunties, Kokos and Cheh-chehs. During dinner, he enjoyed some chips and ice cream. He drank the whole glass of apple juice. At home, he watched his 'Brainy Baby' and 'Mother Goose' VCD before bed. He has learned much from the VCDs.

He is now 13 kg.

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