Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

2nd day of the week
24th day of the second month

In Cantonese, the number 24 is not a good number - it sounds like the phrase "easy to die". Indeed, this is a date that is not easily forgotten. Moreover, the sad incident happened on the second month of the year - the number 2 sounds like the word "easy" in Cantonese. Combining the two phrases, we get something like "very easy to die." It's an awfully sad day!

Well, I'm not being superstitious, and I'm not even a Cantonese. What I'm trying to share is that the date is very significant to what has happened one year ago.

It was not an easy journey - we made it but not without anger, grief, bitterness, fear, uncertainties.

Quoting from a friend - "It is a heartbreak that will stay with you to some extent forever, and my own heart breaks for you."

Family, relatives and friends (including colleagues and students), thank you for standing alongside me. The journey has not ended.

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