Monday, November 05, 2007

How Cheeky boy amuses me…

Jordan amuses me when…

he applies lotion onto his face each time. Whenever he sees me applying lotion, he would request some from me. He would apply it onto his face first. Then, he would follow me and apply onto his hands and legs as well. I think the babysitter taught him to apply the lotion onto his face.

he talks before he sleeps. Often, he would speak out some words before he falls asleep. He would repeat certain words like – cockroach, car, turtle, apple. Occasionally, he would babble a lot to Seng Chor and I before sleeping.

he says “shit” repeatedly. He is not swearing. It is just his way of telling me that he has passed motion.

he says “thank you” unexpectedly. How he says it sounds funny – “tank kou”. He is learning to say, “You’re welcome”. Last Sunday, he said, “tank kou” after he was given what he asked for. It happened in a few occasions. Last night, he said, “tank kou” to Seng Chor after Seng Chor covered him with his blanket. Sometimes, Jordan can be really polite.

he says “bye” and “good night” repeatedly before he lies down in his cot. He would suddenly get up from his cot and say, “bye” and “good night”. He would wait for a response before lying down again. He would repeat this at least twice.

he hides somewhere and starts calling, “Jordan, Jordan”. He was imitating us because when Seng Chor and I hide, we call his name. So, he also did the same thing.

he shows his cheeky look. Seng Chor commented that his eyes are electrifying. Girls will be electrocuted by him. He does have a handsome and sweet smile. His dimple on the right cheek is so charming. We must really protect him at all times. Hahaha!

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